Future Makers/Future Markets is a Learning and Teaching Innovation Fund (LTIF) supported project aimed at developing work integrated learning (WIL) pedagogy and course design around the potential of social and participatory media.

Social media is the name given to online participatory communities where people share material, collaborate and communicate with others in their interest group (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter are popular versions of this Web 2.0 functionality). This form of exhange has changed our cultural landscape and rapidly become a critical part of contemporary media practice. It impacts on how media is produced, disseminated, consumed and understood. It has significant ramifications for how a media practice is developed and how a career in the media is managed. Media practitioners of the future will need highly developed identities and skills as online community leaders and IP (intellectual property) entrepreneurs. They will require the ability to fluidly navigate converged professional and personal networked spaces in a sector that is shifting from a top-down industry to a consumer-led market model.

Future Makers /Future Markets examines the flow-on educational opportunities emerging from the impact of social media on the information and entertainment industry/market. The project involves developing a pilot WIL project involving final year media production students enrolled in RMIT University’s School of Media and Communication’s course Comm2322 (PP1).  Enrolled students will produce a public participatory media project called ‘My Tribe’ in collaboration with ABC Radio National’s 360documentaries and www.pool.org.au.

Involvement in ‘My Tribe’ will be require students to solve authentic problems and address real issues faced by the ABC and other media organisations – as well as develop their professional networks and receive industry feedback about their creative media objects. ‘My Tribe’ also gives students the opportunity to develop their ‘blue sky thinking’ production ideas and social media producer/manager skills. Other outcomes include the broadcast and online publication of student work on the ABC as well as audio/visual screenings at Federation Square in Melbourne.

The participatory production process of ‘My Tribe’ and PP1 learning and teaching experience will be documented and analysed. Findings will be presented as a working paper at a mid-year symposium to reviewed by the project’s Educational Research and Evaluation Network (EREN). The research will be reworked and developed into several research artifacts including and set of teaching WIL strategies/guidelines to be presented to EREN at a second Future Makers/Future Markets symposium in December 2010.



This is the online space for an RMIT University led education research project examining work integrated learning in the public space.

The site offers public information about the project but also acts as a workspace, with some sections restricted.

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