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Posted from Diigo. The rest of Future Makers Future Markets group favorite links are here.


Diigo links

Posted from Diigo. The rest of Future Makers Future Markets group favorite links are here.

MF Lecture 1 Review

We have lift off for the Production Project 1 group, after an intro lecture by Kyla, Jeremy Yuille, Jonathon Hutchinson and Marius Foley. Due to breakdown in Skype link Claudia Taranto was not able to join.

KB describes the links between the student project and the public Pool engagement. All students involved in producing a Social Media Producer outcome – engaging the community, promoting the project, collaborating with other partners, documenting the experience and so on. Small student groups will create a media response to the My Tribe theme /radio;%20image/video. And studio groups to manage exhibition outcomes: Fed Square big screen; 360 Broadcast; Online feature. KB uses Tinderbox to chart the relationships between projects, the course, the public iterations and final exhibition.

JY speaks about the research conducted into the Pool community as part of the ACID Interaction Research and Redesign Project. Slides at: [Note from Slideshare: “Pool People ” is beingtweeted more than any other document on SlideShare right now. So we’ve put it on the homepage of (in the “Hot on Twitter” – suggest strong twitter action in student group].

JH details his Hons research and project around the role of Social Media Producer.  A close look at the role and some of the implications that this hybrid practice might have on future media. Slideshow: Note JH and Pool Team are currently running ‘Talking About Community’ [modbot] on Pool:

MF talks about relationship between Future Makers Future Markets and  ‘Tribal Productions’ [COMM2322 student course]. Will confirm student ethics process when it is approved by Ethics Cttee.

Issues to note:
• complex set of instructions for students to absorb  – no clear solutions as the whole picture is needed at the start
• potential to build a language to articulate the new roles and practices [eg SMP] to clarify the relationships
• high level of pre-planning required, and back up plans essential [eg pre-cooked slideshow available when Skype connection not possible]. Will need to keep record of time spent on prep.

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Posted from Diigo. The rest of Future Makers Future Markets group favorite links are here.

Map of My Tribe project collaboration

The set up

In the interest of transparency and to capture as much of the project as possible, as it unfolds, we are using this blog as a documentary. We will try to present issues and problems as they arise, as well as the successes.
There are four strands in the overall structure: the public space, represented by the My Tribe project on Pool, Facebook, Twitter and blogs and through the association with RN 360; the student coursework in Production Project 1 [RMIT Media]; and the research project, Future Makers Future Markets. Each of these interlink, but also operate independently.

Foure stands

This diagram shows the breakdown. Overtime we will be looking for the relationships between the strands, as preparation for building teaching guidelines (one of the outputs from our research).

Each of the online spaces in the strands needs to be constructed and linked. The initial work is time-consuming. We’ve been working fairly solidly for over a month to get it in place for the launch.

Looking at each:

1. My Tribe on Pool/Public Space

Kyla negotiated the agreement with RN 360 to establish a public call out to set up a micro community inside Pool. The community includes people in the broader Pool community who might be interested; Radio National listeners, students from our program and a number of other institution that have been invited in as participants or observers.

Pool is likely to have the redesign implemented this year. But for the moment the My Tribe set up on Pool includes a pre-launch call out page, explaining the project to the community; My Tribe profile page; a work-in-progress page; upload page for media and meta data and a HQ for admin.

These are supported by a Facebook group and Twitter account.

2. The ABC Radio National 360documentaries connection

Radio National 360 Documentaries has previously run projects through Pool. Notable ones include ‘My Street’ and the more recent, ‘City Nights’ produced by Gretchin Miller. Students in last years PP1 contributed to a similar participatory project run by Natasha Mitchell called Gene Pool.

The students built a good reputation from their involvement in the 2009 project and RN was happy to work with them again – albeit only indirectly, with the expectation that the students would be managed and not need a lot of attention. The overall My Tribe project also required a producer to coordinate the collaboration between RN and RMIT and other institutional participants. Kyla Brettle stepped into this role, and in doing so agreed to produce an ABC blog and 50-minute radio documentary to bolster the project.

It’s useful to be realistic about the amount of time that RN producers can contribute, in terms of feedback to participants and community management to this scale project. So it was also agreed that we would take up some of that work in the My Tribe community.

It is possible to set up a call out on Pool without RN involvement. And it is likely that if the demand grows RN would not be able to support too many requests.

3. My Tribe in the Classroom – PP1.10

Coursework in PP1 is similar to previous years, with the objective for students to produce a piece of media /radio%20or%20video/tv to broadcast quality. Students work in groups of 4 to optimize the time [approx 6 weeks production]. In this project we have included an emphasis on exploring the role of social media producer. This is one of the roles we see emerging from social media and how it intersects with a broadcast institution like the ABC.

So, around 30% of the class work will go towards understanding the role and building knowledge around the emergent space. This includes students being required to stimulate the community, collaborate with others, make posts and leave comments on others work, and manage the outcomes such as exhibitions at Fed Square, RN Online and broadcast material for RN 360. This type of activity is known as ‘vitality’ and is highly valued in web 2.0 interactions.

Students, in their groups will develop work to ‘pitch’ stage, including reference to the social media activities and present to industry people. We have been able to being in two industry people to directly respond to student work, one from online/audio sector and another from independent film production.

4. Research Future Makers/Future Markets

FuMa is the research project. It is looking at the issues that we need to address when educating media students who will be working in radically different media organisations, using social media to create new collaborative forms, as the workplace and as distribution channels [all in one].

The issues we have identified so far are:

  • working in the public space
  • developing a media identity and IP entrepreneurialism, and
  • privacy, intellectual property.

At the conclusion of the semester we will review and reflect on all the activity involved in the project. Then prepare a number of papers and teaching materials. We would appreciate broad involvement and are especially interested in capturing your observations and reflections. If you have managed to include My Tribe in your coursework we will be able to compare a variety of experiences. If not you might have some insights from a different perspective.

welcoming our new RA

Most pleased to announce the appointment of our new Research Assistant – Jessica Noske-Turner. We are looking forward to working with Jess – who will also be tutoring into PP1. In the immediate future Jess will be completing a literature review and developing a juicy delicious link-list.

support for Future Makers/Future Markets (FuMa)

Future Makers/Future Markets comes down from the realm of blue sky dreaming to become a reality with the support of the RMIT University Learning and Teaching Innovation Fund.


This is the online space for an RMIT University led education research project examining work integrated learning in the public space.

The site offers public information about the project but also acts as a workspace, with some sections restricted.

Please feel free to look around and check in for updates.