ABC Radio National’s 360documentaries, the and RMIT Universit’s PP1 staff and students presents the participatory media project, MY TRIBE.

My pack, my posse, my people, my network, my mob, my family – my tribe… A year on from the death of philosopher and anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss, whose seminal work explored the complexities of kinship, mythology and identity, we re-examine this notion of community and self.  In the flesh or via technology the kinship groups we belong to form across intersecting fault-lines in our lives – blood, place, interest, time, happenstance and more. Enmeshed with our sense of self, those we belong to and who belong to us construct, deconstruct, teach, reflect, know or perhaps don’t know us at all. Explored subjectively or objectively the theme of ‘my tribe’ taps into mythmaking and deep traditions of storytelling along with the rationality of survival and darker implications of drawing a line in the sand between ‘us’ and ‘them’ …

In April 2010 we will be launching a public call-out to explore the theme of ‘my tribe’ in a creative work that can be shared as audio, video, text, still images or in any other form via a web-link.

The strongest audio contributions will be selected for broadcast on Radio National and the best sound producer will win the opportunity to make a radio documentary with the support of 360documentaries. Visual work will go in the running for presentation on the big screen at Federation Square in Melbourne – and all contributions will be considered for inclusion in a ‘best of my tribe’ online multi-media exhibition that will go live on the ABC site in early November.

To support makers as they develop their work we will be setting up a ‘my tribe hot-house’ group on Pool. In the ‘hot house’ contributors will be encouraged to upload draft work for peer, community and professional comment and feedback. We want to encourage community collaboration and supportive social interaction around the production process. In the ‘hot house’ we will also be uploading theme-relevant material from the ABC archives for remix and reuse – as well as bits and piece of production advice we think might be useful. The ‘my tribe’ project will also be supported by a facebook group, twitter feed and blog – so there will be lots of places find inspiration and connection with others.



This is the online space for an RMIT University led education research project examining work integrated learning in the public space.

The site offers public information about the project but also acts as a workspace, with some sections restricted.

Please feel free to look around and check in for updates.



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