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MF Lecture 1 Review

We have lift off for the Production Project 1 group, after an intro lecture by Kyla, Jeremy Yuille, Jonathon Hutchinson and Marius Foley. Due to breakdown in Skype link Claudia Taranto was not able to join.

KB describes the links between the student project and the public Pool engagement. All students involved in producing a Social Media Producer outcome – engaging the community, promoting the project, collaborating with other partners, documenting the experience and so on. Small student groups will create a media response to the My Tribe theme /radio;%20image/video. And studio groups to manage exhibition outcomes: Fed Square big screen; 360 Broadcast; Online feature. KB uses Tinderbox to chart the relationships between projects, the course, the public iterations and final exhibition.

JY speaks about the research conducted into the Pool community as part of the ACID Interaction Research and Redesign Project. Slides at: [Note from Slideshare: “Pool People ” is beingtweeted more than any other document on SlideShare right now. So we’ve put it on the homepage of (in the “Hot on Twitter” – suggest strong twitter action in student group].

JH details his Hons research and project around the role of Social Media Producer.  A close look at the role and some of the implications that this hybrid practice might have on future media. Slideshow: Note JH and Pool Team are currently running ‘Talking About Community’ [modbot] on Pool:

MF talks about relationship between Future Makers Future Markets and  ‘Tribal Productions’ [COMM2322 student course]. Will confirm student ethics process when it is approved by Ethics Cttee.

Issues to note:
• complex set of instructions for students to absorb  – no clear solutions as the whole picture is needed at the start
• potential to build a language to articulate the new roles and practices [eg SMP] to clarify the relationships
• high level of pre-planning required, and back up plans essential [eg pre-cooked slideshow available when Skype connection not possible]. Will need to keep record of time spent on prep.



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