Principle 1

The key feature of a WIL experience in RMIT programs is assessed professional or vocational work in a work context in which feedback from clients and others from industry and community is integral to the experience.

This WIL experience may be simulated. Assessment of WIL contributes to academic credit for the relevant course(s).

This ‘learning by doing’ critically involves the experience and assessment of ‘doing’ in a context which reflects a realistic work situation along with work relevant interactions:

1.1 Students undertake and are assessed on a structured activity (including projects) which allows them to learn, apply and demonstrate their professional or vocational practice.

1.2 In undertaking this activity students interact with industry and community. A significant interaction for students in many programs will be with clients of practitioners.

1.3 The activity is completed in a work context or situation and can include teamwork with others from different disciplines.

1.4 These interactions and the context provide a distinctive source of feedback to students that underpin their learning.

Any or all of these aspects of a WIL experience may be simulated – including interaction with industry and community.

Some of the activities which can be consistent with WIL as defined in Principle 1 are listed in Appendix A (see Supporting documents and information). Many programs at RMIT already provide their students with experiences and assessments which meet the demands of Principle 1 – or come close to it.

Principle 1 defines the central WIL experience for RMIT students. It does not seek to prescribe what may be involved in rendering it an experience of quality learning. WIL activities shall demonstrate the same qualities as good curriculum design including: alignment of clear goals for learning, support to achieve them, critical reflection, feedback on progress, assessment of achievement, and clear expectations of the roles of the parties.

From RMIT website:;ID=mkxzygomvv8v;STATUS=A;PAGE_AUTHOR=Andrea%20Syers;SECTION=1;


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