My Tribe Project Snapshot | Mon of week 2

My Tribe in week 2 … 52 more fans on Facebook – 25 new works in the Open Exhibition … Top rating project on Pool … praise from the Manager of Radio National… the hero spot and more …

Things are cooking … this week we were promoted on Pool in the ‘hero spot’* (the pool front page) via a guest blog post written by our own Susan Anderson – it is a great bit of work and received lots of positive comments. Members of the pool community are starting to get involved and are interested in our project.

Our Executive Producer Claudia Taranto is happy with our overall progress and sent the (acting) manager of Radio National the link to Susans’ pool post – he sent back this:

Hi Claudia

Thank you for the link – wow these contributions are fantastic, already. Just so nicely told. I love the Castlemaine Rifle Club. It is amazing that they have got involved. Loving it, thank you

Michael Mason
Group Program Director/Acting Manager Radio National

My Tribe online feature – this is up but still in progress. We are yet to get our ‘Showcase Page’ up – this will collect all the work featured in the exhibition (online, broadcast or at Fed Square). This week the selection crew is going to try to organise a ‘vote’ for the next work entered in the showcase – they need to deliver the selection by this Thursday … so, do put in your two bobs worth and vote for what you think should get selected.

My Tribe broadcast – we were not featured on air this week. However, promos on Radio National are starting to be rolled out – I haven’t heard these yet … (there was a Tribal call-out to contribute to these, but no one responded – so Claudia made them). Also, Claudia saw the posters made by Dengli, Camilla and Pei Huan and thought they looked great. There was some concern over the use of the logo – this was cleared by (marketing manager) Nicola Fern who is happy for use but needs a high resolution version – and felt inspired to offer us $300 towards printing costs – so excellent outcome!

My Tribe Pool group – aka Open Exhibition@pool – Rose has reworked the ID image for the group to make it’s function a bit clearer – I think this has been a great improvement. Membership is up by 10 to a total of 90 – and uploaded work by 25 to a total of 50. There has been much more commenting going on – more ABC people are wading into the mix and the Community Managers (aka you!) have been doing much more – the whole thing is looking significantly more lively. I have figured out how to get stats on the group too -we have had 694* views of the group in the past 2 weeks

My Tribe project page@pool – this has had 557 views in the past two weeks

My Tribe work-in-progress group – Again, Rose reworked the ID image so that it explains the function of the group – I think this helps. We have 70 members (up by 6) and 33 bits of work (up by 9). It has had 506* views in the past two weeks … think we still have difficulty trying to differentiate between the work-in-progress group and the exhibition group …

Facebook – we had 38 interactions (up by 25) and a post quality of 8.9 (up by 6.7) – we now have 317 fans (up 53 from 264). Have noticed Jonathon has been very active on pool commenting on work and telling contributors that their piece has been featured on the Facebook page – think this is an excellent strategy. Have a look at the page stats (see photos album on picasa) they are quite interesting – we have a balance of 35%/64% male/female fans – and 154 from Australia, 66 from the US and 49 from the UK … most of the interactions are coming from us – and the post getting the strongest response was the one that asked a question “if you had a choice of any tribe – what would it be?” this was our first experiment posting something other than a link or a comment on submitted work.

Twitter we are up 10 followers from 43-53. All Facebook comments by admin automatically get re-tweeted – as do new tags on Delicious. We are getting more mentions of @mytribehq (mainly from ourselves). We have 6 tweets retweeted (last week it was 4) – we are also up by about 3 on tweets containing “my tribe” and “radio national” – so, things are bubbling along.

delicious tags – looking a bit thin at the moment … would welcome any social bookmark friends

my tribe blog – a my tribe blog sketched – now it’s over to ABC

FOR IMAGES: see Picasa Album HERE

* to compare – the front page got 5620 views in past two weeks – and the front page site feed has 18601 subscribers. Note that my tribe is the top rating pool content – after the front page and the pool blog.


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