My Tribe Project Snapshot | Mon of week 1

The public adventure begins … My Tribe launched April 10 … we are featured on the front page of Radio National and receive two voice over television ads on ABC1 and ABC2

reviewing our assets as of Monday April 12 this is our starting point

My Tribe broadcast – we launched with a mash up of stuff from my tribe here – – to be honest, I don’t think it sounded great … but good to listen and see how the project is being framed

My Tribe online feature – said quite a bit about it in the last post – we have some of our featured work up, but the feature is as yet unfinished –

My Tribe exhibition @Pool – we have 80 members and 25 pieces of work – these are healthy numbers (because PP1 is a healthy crew) not a whole lot of commenting going on – and quite a few bits of work that don’t appear to have any relation to the theme … also, some work in there that should be in the work-in-progress group … also some work coming in with no ID image and no explanatory text …

My Tribe work-in-progress@Pool – we have 72 members and 24 pieces uploaded. Some of the same probs as the exhibition group – a few bits with – no ID images, no explanatory text or it is clearly in the wrong group – also, very few people commenting

Facebook – we have 14 interactions this week and a post quality of 3.2 – currently sitting on 264 fans and we have lost about 9 … While we have lots of ‘fans’ they are not very active – they have given a few thumbs up – but there are no comments and no one has taken the initiative of writing on the wall … the best reaction was to Cris’s my tribe video – explaining the whole venture (which I uploaded stright to FB)…

Twitter – we currently have 43 followers – content gets tweeted straight from FB and also from the delicious account. We have had three re-tweets according to the stats … But I’ve come across quite a few others that have not been counted – I’ve saves some searches and it’s interesting seeing the pathways tweets take – getting some retweets via RN and also the Pool

Other – we are featured on the front page of RN – and had a couple of voice over ads on ABC 1 and 2 – I haven’t heard any RN promos yet

*** tried to upload photos but kept getting an error – see the full glossy picasa album HERE


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This is the online space for an RMIT University led education research project examining work integrated learning in the public space.

The site offers public information about the project but also acts as a workspace, with some sections restricted.

Please feel free to look around and check in for updates.



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